FIVB Girls’ U18 Volleyball World Championship in Korat

The FIVB Girls’ U18 Volleyball World Championship starts tomorrow, July 26 2013, and will run to August 4, 2013.

It will be held in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima), Thailand. Find out more here:


Help and information about Korat

Korat-Farang forum and its members are a great source of help and information about Korat and Thailand related issues. Here are 4 topics that members are exchanging information about and helping each other with today.

Where to buy a good bicycle:

Help with moving house and renting accommodation in Korat:

Thai driving licence questions:

Queries about hospitals in Korat city:

So if you need help or need some information about Korat (also know as Nakhon Ratchasima) or Thailand, visit the Korat-Farang forum and have a look around. Not found the info you need? Register to join the forum and ask the question yourself.

Expat forum for Korat, Thailand

Are you an expat in Korat, in the north-east of Thailand and looking for a forum to find information or discuss ideas or topics of interest? Or are you going to be moving to Korat or nearby soon? Why not join forum? It’s the premier forum for expats and others interested in Korat (NakhonRatchasima), Thailand.

Take a look:

Chinese New Year in Korat

This is the time Thai people celebrate “Chinese New Year”. Activities in Korat usually focus around Yamo monument and the nearby park. Many people wear red during Chinese New Year.

See what the members of korat-farang forum have to say about Chinese New Year in Korat.

Happy Chinese New Year to all forum members.

Who will be the next US President?

Mitt Romney or  Barack Obama? Have your say:

Thai language lessons in Korat

Where is a good place to learn Thai in Korat?

Answers to – the Friendly Forum is a friendly forum that brings together the expat community in Korat with others with a love or connection to the great city and the province.  A shining light, a beacon of hope, an island of sanity. See you there.