Korat-Farang ranking progression

Korat-Farang.com is progressing nicely up the Alexa rankings. Today Alexa tells us the domain is ranked number 178,323 in the world.

Korat-farang is a forum for expats and others interested in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima) and Thailand so we are never going to compete with Google, Facebook, Youtube or Yahoo – the current top four ranked sites. Don’t expect continual rises in the rankings. What goes up also goes down and this is very true for Alexa stats. They vary daily and figures for korat-farang.com fluctuate. The last three months have seen mainly rises but the three months before that saw mainly falls. It’s nice to see the rises and that in part reflects the activity on the forum. If the forum goes quiet, the rankings will drop.

Alexa rankings for korat-farang.com - 4 June 2012

Alexa rankings for korat-farang.com – 4 June 2012

You can find the latest Alexa stats on the Alexa website page dedicated to our domain: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/korat-farang.com

Korat-Farang.com forum can be found here: http://korat-farang.com/forum/index.php


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